It is a hard road to walk. Families Helping Families makes sure you don’t have to walk it on your own. We are dedicated to the individuals with disabilities we serve and their families and have been where you are. We hope you take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and support – both physical and emotional – that we and our families have to offer. Below is a list of our services. Please call or email us for any more information. Whether you’ve just received a diagnosis, or you’ve been walking this road for years, Families Helping Families wants to connect with you and connect you to our community.

The Bureau of Family Health

Partners with Families Helping Families to provide families of children and youth with special healthcare needs with extra support.


Provides families of children who are receiving EarlySteps services with the information, training, and support they need to be an active participant in the delivery of EarlySteps services to their child.


Provides support to families; provides information to families on their child’s health care challenges and on navigating the health care financing maze.

LaCAN – LA Council’s Advocacy Network

The Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council’s mission is to lead and promote advocacy, capacity building, and systemic change to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Educational Resources

Families Helping Families has compiled a list of educational resources for families with children with disabilities. These resources include information regarding your rights as a student and as a parent, links to helpful materials, Family Support Tool Box, Louisiana School Finder and more.

Helpful Links

 We provide links to valuable resources for access and support tailored to the specific needs of our community. This includes links to information on advocacy and your legal rights, employment information, financial aid resources, and more.