The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come


So long, fare well, it’s off to home I go!!!!  After 23 years as director of Families Helping Families I have retired.  I have loved every minute of the things I have done here (mostly true) and I would not choose any other life but mine.  God has blessed me with friends of extraordinary qualities, those who have disabilities and those who do not.  I have crossed paths with countless people, showing me the way.    


Twenty eight years ago my son, Liles was born healthy and became ill with meningitis.  Because of the illness, he suffered severe brain damage, leaving him a changed boy and Steve and I a changed couple of new parents.  Forever changed.  Forever blessed.  Because of the life lessons I learned while loving and caring for Liles, I am better than before.  God teaches us things in strange and majestic ways.


I met other new mother’s whose lives were changed.  We supported one another and we laughed and cried together.  The first mom’s I met, I still consider my friends.  They were there during my darkest days and they helped me look forward past the pain and into better days.  I watched them smile and I knew one day I would smile again……..and I did.


I did smile again because I was given a gift….. helping others. If you grew up like me you remember, your mother saying that helping someone else helps you heal, and that is what happened for me.  Starting Families Helping Families kept me very busy, when grief for my child dictated that need, and as time brought growth, helping other families navigate the world of disabilities gave me a sense of purpose. 

In many cases I knew little more than others, I just had a driving passion to learn more and give it away. 


On Monday, June 15th Ms. Stacey Guidry will be the new Executive Director of Families Helping Families of Northeast La. Inc.  Please make her feel welcome.  I know each of you reading this will reach out to her and help her get acquainted.  She will have the opportunity to share her story with you, and you with her…..becoming Families.


God’s blessings,

Aliscia L. Banks, Liles’ and Molly's mom



As many know, my mom (Marilyn) works for FHF and has been here for fourteen years.  Due to health concerns, she too is retiring. This job has been so important to her and she regrets leaving everyone and everything she has loved….but it’s time for her as well.  Keep her in your prayers. She will carry you home with her, in her heart. 



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