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You are not alone.

353159-help-girlssmiling.jpgEach one of the staff and board members at Families Helping Families have been where you are. We all have loved ones, children, and friends who have special needs. We’ve spent months in the NICU and struggled through learning how to use new equipment. We’ve been bombarded with special instructors, therapists, and doctors and know how overwhelming it can all be. We are families who help families through the most difficult circumstances.

You do not have to do this alone. No matter your circumstance, chances are, we’ve been through it or helped another family through it. We are also here as a shoulder to cry on and an open ear. It takes a village to raise a child. Let Families Helping Families be your village.

Choose equipment, financial, peer to peer, education, or activities from the menu above. If you need help with something that you don't find on any of these pages then just give us a call and we'll do everything we can to get you what you need.

Point of Information and Referral

Once a family is referred to Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities to be determined eligible for services they are referred to Families Helping Families. Our office contacts the family and places them on our mailing lists. We then address the support issues that need to be dealt with. We pursue community resources and refer to other local agencies and collaborative work to resolve crisis.

Families Can't Wait

Families Can't Wait is a program of the Junior League of Monroe that is partnered with Families Helping Families, a local group comprised of families in the Northeast Louisiana community who, because of their own experiences, have become committed to reaching out to others.


The program provides a hospital based primary prevention plan for at-risk mothers and has a positive impact on the health of infants. To prevent child abuse, neglect and to reduce the death rate of infants in Northeast Louisiana, volunteers are trained to provide education, support, and referrals for assistance.

In addition, first year calendars containing information regarding developmental milestones, vaccinations, breast-feeding, co-bedding, and local and national resource numbers are given to all new moms. Car seats and pack-and-play systems are distributed to those who are in need. Hundreds of new moms and their babies are assisted every year by trained volunteers and resource assistance.

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