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One of ten independent non-profit resource centers. Each center is independently incorporated and governed by its own Board of Directors. The staff and Board of each center is comprised of family members and individuals with disabilities. Families Helping Families of Northeast Louisiana, Inc. is located in Monroe and serves the 12 parishes that comprise Region 8 – Ouachita, Richland, Franklin, Caldwell, Tensas, East Carroll, West Carroll, Madison, Union, Morehouse, Jackson, and Lincoln.While each center is regionally based and therefore different in flavor, each Families Helping Families center is able to maintain its mission and vision by being a member of Families Helping Families of Louisiana.

A Place Where Families Can Grow

Families Helping Families of Northeast Louisiana, Inc., a non-profit organization, is a network of families in 765925-alicia.jpgLouisiana who, because of their own experiences, became committed to reaching out to other individuals with disabilities and their families. Disabilities include physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and/or learning disabilities.Families Helping Families of Northeast Louisiana, Inc. offers a place where families can go for help that is guided by parents of individuals with disabilities and individuals with disabilities themselves. Their mission is to assist and strengthen individuals and families through a parent driven, coordinated network of services. Caring for individuals with disabilities takes a wealth of support, knowledge and information. Connecting with others who have similar experiences gives families first hand information and encouragement.

Standards for Excellence

Families Helping Families | 5200 Northeast Road Monroe Louisiana 71203 | 318.361.0487